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North Kitsap Little League is an all-volunteer organization that serves over 800 children in our community. Managing, organizing, and planning for the Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball programs is a year-round activity. A small group of parents and civic-minded individuals give us their time through-out the year to keep the leagues running. During the season, these dedicated individuals can not accomplish all that needs to be done without your help. 

To provide your child with a quality experience in Little League, a large number of additional volunteers is always needed.  Volunteering can be as simple as bringing snacks and refreshments to a game, or as involved as helping coach, umpire, or manage a game. Big or small, there's always something that you can do that will be greatly appreciated by someone.

Please be generous with your time.'s about the kids!

Manager - Our managers are the most important volunteers in North Kitsap Little League.  They are role models who inspire, teach, develop, and motivate the players on the team.  The Manager is responsible for organizing practices, pre-game preparation, and game-time strategy.  The Manager at all times shall conduct himself in accordance with the requirements of Little League rules and policies and shall set and communicate appropriate standards of behavior, attitude, and demeanor for players, coaches, parents, and fans. 

Coach –  Also a role-model who assists the manager during both practices and games helping with instruction, strategy, and team management.  Maximum 2 per team during games.

Practice Coach –Assists the manager during practice by providing skills development.

Umpire - Acts as an official judge and rules arbiter during the play of a game.

Team Parent- Liaison between the Manager and other parents on all team matters of the team and who works to assure that other parents contribute volunteer effort as might be needed.

Team Concession Stand Coordinator– Specifically coordinates the team's volunteer schedule for service in the Concession Stand.

Field Prep Crew- Assists in preparing fields before games and clean-up after games.

Scorekeeper - Record team statistics in the official score book, including pitch-count, outs, strikes/balls, runs, etc.  Score not kept for T-ball.

Committee Participation-  Committee work can be very rewarding as it provides participating members opportunities to positively impact the operation of the league. 

As Needed: Will volunteer in any capacity that the League deems necessary.  May include concession stand volunteer, "Clash on the Diamond" help, etc.

If you are already know how you would like to help, please complete a volunteer application at the link below!

Little League rules require that anyone who provides regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams, must complete and submit an official "Little League Volunteer Application", which can be downloaded below.  Even if you submitted a volunteer application in past years, you must submit one for the current year!

Little League also requires that an annual background check be completed annually for all volunteers, which we will do at no additional cost to you.  Your social security number is required on the volunteer application to perform this background check.

Please e-mail your completed volunteer application to, or mail it to:

North Kitsap Little League
PO Box 1476
Poulsbo, Wa 98370

Little League Child Protection Program and Volunteer Requirements

The safety and well-being of all participants in the Little League program is paramount. As adults, we want to ensure that the young people playing in the Little League program are able to grow up happy, healthy and, above all, safe. Whether they are our children, or the children of others, each of us has a responsibility to protect them.

In 1998, Little League International launched its Child Protection Program to educate local league volunteers, with the goal of creating local league programs where only those who have the best interests of children in mind are involved. Little League’s Child Protection Program was updated in 2018 to reflect the mandates set forth by the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017,” which requires that all amateur sports organizations, which participate in an interstate or international amateur athletic competition and whose membership includes any adult who is in regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor, must report suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, within 24 hours to law enforcement.

Click here to see more information or to download the full Little League Child Protection Program document from the Little League website.